Julia Renaudot

Les Arrivés II

The question of travel is fundamental for Julia. It offers her the freedom of an elsewhere and opens her up to a multitude of themes: that of mental itinerancy, memory, the past, remembrance, but also dreams, imagination and fiction.

She does not strive for figurative accuracy, but rather for the transmission of all that can be dreamt of.

With time and hindsight, she produces an image that vaguely corresponds to the feeling of a distant, evanescent memory; a dream that would have inhabited us long ago.


The different images that respond to each other serve as a narrative for the work. They force the viewer to reflect on the meaning and movement of the piece. Like walking, the reading of the image leads us to contemplate it like the discovery of a new place.

The features are evanescent, like a ghostly apparition. These visual eruptions are heavy with allegory, and tell a story that each spectator can bring to life as he or she wishes.

                                       2/6                                         4/6
Crepe Muslin Fabric 
21 x 21

2021, Westmalle

Each piece is sold separately 

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