Timothée                 de Brouwer

Shield N°6

Timothée is a Belgian designer and artist. He is driven by creating unique objects made out of natural materials and local leftovers. Timothée ambitions to design handmade textiles that are in the spotlight because of their function. Therefore he decided to do blinds, as this allows the intrinsic qualities of the textile such as irregularities and small controlled «mistakes» to be seen as their biggest strength.
He creates hand woven textiles, using mainly linen and synthetic material recycled from leftovers in the agricultural industry.

Timothée de Brouwer has produced for the Opening of the Grège gallery a collection of handmade textiles. He works principally with synthetic fibres locally sourced, mixed with linen and cotton. He describes these hanging textiles as “Shields”. Within Grege’s exhibition, the pieces interact with the light of an imaginary nearby window to become images themselves — replacing windows. Hence offering a specific vision on reality through which the viewer can dive in.

Linnen and rope from agricultare left-overs
120 x 70

2021, Ecausinnes, Belgium 

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